Star Light

Star Light
(Fiber Optic Solution)

We take pride in being the first company in our industry to have taken seriously the development of user-friendly integration technology for fiber optic lighting systems. Fiber optic lighting systems require tailor made solutions for every installation, since the fiber harness has to be specified in accordance with the distance from the illuminator to the light point. The application of Fiber Optic can be used in different domain as given below.

Under Water Starry Skies
Add Premium factor by adding fiber optic solution. In the evening, the pleasure in swimming pool while twinkling fibers is something people crave for.

Ceiling Starry

Adding Fibre Optic Starry ceiling will make your home look Beautiful. The Lovely experience is worth the value. Following areas could be having this ceiling

  • Kid’s Bedroom
  • Home Theatre Room
  • Living Room
  • Entertainment Room

Apart from Home, the same is commercially used in below premises

  • Movie Theatre
  • Restaurant
  • Bowling Alley Zone
  • Resort and Spa
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